My name is Jack Mills. I didn’t graduate from any seminary, I am neither pastor nor priest. In fact, my entire professional background has been in the business sector.

Despite my lack of any religious credentials, I have been studying the Bible for about 30 years and am certain that I will go to Heaven immediately upon my demise. I do lead several Bible studies and preach from time-to-time.

I’d like to add that Heaven Assured is not a religious site. I’m not asking for any donations, nor will I accept any. I’m not asking you to give up your religion, neither am I asking you to join my church.

The only thing I am asking is that you consider what you read here, using the rationale God gave you.

I make this one promise to you. I will present all my arguments based solely on Scripture and will not start any sentences with “I believe“, “I feel” or “I think“. My beliefs, feelings, and thoughts are irrelevant to you going to Heaven.

Speaking of purpose, I have created this web site so that people will have the opportunity to learn Biblical truth about what is necessary for someone to be absolutely sure he or she is going to Heaven.

My goal is not to bash religious beliefs or to offend anyone. I realize peoples’ beliefs are sacred. However, if someone has a religious belief(s) that contradicts God’s declared way of salvation it’s vital that the person be informed. Ultimately, it’s the person’s right to accept or reject the information.

It’s my sincere hope that I will see you in Heaven and that you will enjoy the peace and joy that comes from having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ while still on this earth.


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